Auditions this year will take place on: The implementation of the new Common Core State Standards is at the forefront of the program with an increase in non-fiction reading and writing based on evidence and analysis. Cast List Annie Jr. Classes will examine and analyze the causes and events that resulted in the Civil War and the Reconstruction period. During any classroom visit that is granted, parents may not interact with students or teachers in a manner that interferes with the planned instruction. The Learning Center is a place where all students can receive help with their studies.

Students are responsible for their own personal property. Lost or damaged materials become the financial obligation of the student. Practice tests can be found at the following LINK. Classes are conducted in the target language. When possible, we will take students outside when they are done eating. The school nurse will dispense and monitor all student medications and the following procedures must be followed:. Through the study of Algebra, students develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences.

Most dances are on Friday evenings.

Once a textbook is loaned to a homewirk, they are responsible for it. This is a computer-based class and covers 3 modules during one semester, including 1. If you do not have a password, please call the Guidance Office at Students are not allowed to carry backpacks or bags between classes and during school hours. Comments -1 Parent Dy Emnnouncements Click on the link to sign up for the dy emnnouncements.

If a parent has a compelling reason for such a request, they must call the principal to discuss the goal of the requested visit, the date, time and duration not to exceed 20 minutes. This class is taught at WGMS. Homewokr of drug paraphernalia, alcoholic containers, etc.


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Student Lockers, Desks and other School Storage Places The rules in this code of conduct regarding searches of students and their belongings do not apply to student lockers, desks and other school storage places. Sit at a chosen table unless otherwise directed by the cafeteria supervisors. The student must obtain a clearance form from the Guidance Office to be completed by the teachers, librarian and Health Office.

The student will make out a bus pass that will be approved by the office staff. In addition, students may be assigned an alternative assignment to meet the PE requirement.

Glass bottle are prohibited. Late busses run Tuesday — Friday at 2: Students must possess some knowledge of Google Docs and Slides and be comfortable on the computer. This group is open to th grade students. Students develop those skills that enable them to demonstrate their understanding and appreciation of literary works through the use of several writing forms. The use of hands-on activities, calculators and computers add variety and enjoyment to the mathematics classroom.

A solid transition from middle school to high school better prepares students to continue their studies in the academically challenging years of high school. Upon Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, Teachers and applicable Service Providers from the Special Education Department assess the student in order to determine eligibility. If a student fails one core course English, Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or Foreign Language the student will be recommended for summer school.

To achieve this kind of environment, any school official authorized to impose a disciplinary penalty on a student may question a student about an alleged violation of law or the district code of conduct.


During any classroom visit that is granted, parents may not interact with students or teachers in a manner that interferes with the planned instruction.

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Instead, the student may wtms scheduled in classes providing Academic Intervention Services, in so far as possible. Students must return borrowed materials on time.

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Searches will be limited to the extent necessary homesork locate the evidence sought. This means that student lockers, desks and other West Genesee storage places may be subject to search at any time by West Genesee officials, without prior notice to students and without their consent.

WGMS Student/Parent Handbook | West Genesee Central School District

Making a foot orthotic for a child with CP then in a culminating project of making a toy for a child with CP. Much of the class is conducted in French.

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These devices MUST be turned off and out of sight during the school day. This list is not intended to be restrictive or all-inclusive. If a student loses a textbook, and after a reasonable amount of time it is not found, the student will be required to pay for its replacement. Field trips are planned as opportunities for students to have experiences outside of the school building.

Warning smokers of the impending arrival of a staff member E.

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