You should not include a photo if you work in a more conservative field and will be applying to the job in the traditional way. In what circumstances can I change the format of my CV? Over 10, amazing people have connected with us – and you’re amazing too! Personal information name, contact details and address Personal profile Career Summary Education Work experience Skills and Achievements Hobbies and interests References It is very important to get this CV structure correct. The Standard, Slate, and Monte templates can be shared and downloaded for free. Usually, this will be in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent experience and qualifications and working backwords. In other cases; you might have excellent work experience but a poor education, in which case your work experience section will come before your education section.

Professional CV templates Choose one of our classic, truly British CV templates if you want your curriculum vitae to reflect your vocational professionalism. What should I consider when writing a CV? The order of information should be as follows: Are these templates downloadable? Employers spend very little time looking at each resume they receive, so it is important that your CV is simultaneously eye-catching and easy to read. Employers tend to prefer it as it gives them a quick and orderly overview of everything they want to know. You need to choose which of the two layouts suit you best and what you are most comfortable writing.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how to layout a CV and helped you decide which CV is best for you to use for your next job application. Modern CV templates Show recruiters you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern curriculum vitae templates.


The Verge template is an excellent way to host your CV or resume online.

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A personalized image is a great way to give your resume some character. Most popular right now:. In this format, headings will be based on skills rather than specific titles, but the information will be organisational in reverse chronological order. How do I choose a CV template? Creative Vitwe are the best CV templates for graphic designers, photographers, marketers, artistic jobs, and other industries where you wish your personality to shine through.

You will have access to the best text editor available. This is the most commonly used format, and lists all employment and education in chronological order.

Its tasteful lettering and simple presentation make for an effective resume in any situation. We discuss this in detail in our guide to adding a cv photo. Specific dates are either left out or included briefly at the bottom of the resume. You may have the best education, work experience and skills but if your CV layout and presentation is not professional and well-presented, then your CV is most likely going into the bin.

curriculum vitae outlay

The templates are the furthest thing from boring and extremely creative. Is it neat and well laid out? The Marketing template is an online resume with a prominent banner image.

curriculum vitae outlay

Does it look attractive? There we discuss what to include in your CV, how to lay out the content, and how to write your CV so that it really makes an impact. Show recruiters you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern curriculum vitae templates.

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The Arya template is sleek and stylish resume template that is sure to catch the eye of potential employers.


Only outtlay those which add to your experience and skill base relevant to the job you are applying for. I love it so much! The CV format will change depending on the job you are applying for and where you are in your career so far. Are these resume templates free? Most experts suggest limiting your resume to just one or two pages. You want to highlight work experience and skills.

Classic CV Template

Briefly state exactly what it is you want — what job are you applying for. Sections should be easy to scan Employers tend to scan a resume and make up their mind about a candidate before actually reading everything line by line.

A Skills layout places emphasis on outlqy skills, experience and strengths you have acquired and can offer the employer. Create a modern and professional resume and cover letter. Great for executives and experienced professionals, this tasteful template features powerful, solid blocks of colour and two differently sized columns to suit skills and experience from any field.

These templates are great for long-established professions as solicitors, barristers, doctors, police constables and officers, or teachers. About this Article Rate Article: The Avant template is a modern, professional template with a full column of customizable colour. You should display your information as follows:

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