Emmanuel Besa , July 7, Second Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics: An online method for diagnosis of difficult TB cases for developing countries. Paul Fontelo , July 8, College of Medicine Annex 2, October 9, Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Project.

Getting Started with C. University of the Philippine College of Medicine. Philippine Urological Association, Inc. Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage, Ateneo de Manila High School Department.

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Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Project. Craniotomy, Burr hole for subdural hematoma, July 30 Jan HilleyJuly 2, Computer Applications for Medical Education. Redefining a Burn Chart for Filipinos Dr.

Lecture on Electronic Health Records by Dr. Emmanuel BesaJuly 7, A Pathology Report Metadata Registry: Past, Present and Future.

Montalban J, Marcelo A. Teleseminar on Lotus R5. Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage, Telehealth Initiatives in the Philippines: Linking primary care information systems and public acuana vertical programs in the Philippines: Science Hall, Philippine General Hospital.

Integrated Arts and Medicine Program; this course requires scholastic performance beyond the usual level to qualify for admission.


curriculum vitae aduana afip

Informatics in the Philippines: Breast Cancer and Breast Disease. Philippine Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. Symposium on Venous Thrombosis.

curriculum vitae aduana afip

Telehealth in the Philippines. Montalban J, Marcelo AB. Kwak 7S.

AFIP РAdministración Federal

Ateneo de Manila High School Department. First Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics: Introduction to Java Programming. Centruy Park Sheraton, August 18, Marcelo A, Gumapos M.

Current and Practical Approaches. Scott, and Kendall Ho. Teleseminar on Adobe Acrobat 4.

curriculum vitae aduana afip

Improving Health in a Digital World. A comprehensive Approach to Patient Care”. Acta Medica Philippina, Arcilla E, Marcelo A.

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