No hours may be Special Problems. This action must be coordinated with your committee members: The flexible core course will provide breadth because it must come from a track separate from the one in which a student is enrolled. The academic requirements for both are summarized below. Andrei Fedorov AGF gatech. Engineers who have completed the M.

These students should also expect that they will not be permitted to double count any undergraduate hours toward the M. This program allows students to receive either the bachelor of science in electrical engineering or bachelor of science in computer engineering and a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering within a five-year time frame. Please submit your theses electronically to the Graduate Studies office: Attend the ECE B. Benefits of enrollment into the Joint B. However, the reading committee may require a defense.

Furthermore, no single term GPA can fall below 3.

The ECE Graduate Affairs Office will make a decision regarding your acceptance when we have received all information necessary to complete the application file. Approval of your Topic and Reading Committee. Below is a Checklist of actions needed for the Master’s degree thesis students.

Deadline for Enrollment Waiver: Deadlines are posted each semester on the Graduate Studies website: Application fee waived for B. Only the courses listed are acceptable for the M.

thesis deadlines gatech

Depending on demand, the required minimum GPA may be higher. Format Check You are urged to deadoines your thesis format checked before making the final copies for your committee. Applicants will be notified of our decision by letter. All hours for letter grade credit. When the application for this program is submitted, the student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.


Certificate of Thesis Approval and Evaluation Forms. In addition, your thesis advisor should email a justification of the composition of your reading committee to Dr. Flexible core course – 3 hour course must be different from ECE’s track.

Deadlines | Graduate Studies | Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA

Students who have met all requirements for graduation before the last day of registration for the graduation term and who were registered the preceding semester may be eligible for an Enrollment Waiver.

Admission decisions will be made at the end of the fall and spring semesters. These students should also expect that they will not be permitted to double count any undergraduate hours toward the M. Only final copies of documents should be submitted to the electronic thesis and dissertations website.

Theses and Dissertations | Graduate Studies | Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA

To make an appointment to have the format of dealdines thesis checked, please call the Graduate Thesis Office Savant Building, Room ator e-mail thesis grad. Paper copies should be given to your advisor and the members of your reading committee, unless the members request a different format.

thesis deadlines gatech

Thesis manual, Request for Approval of M. Beginning Fallthe OMS Cybersecurity degree will offer a specialization in Energy Systems with a focus on deadlijes security of cyber-physical and embedded systems in the energy domain.


These six hours may not be cross-listed with the technical interest area s above. Thesis Presentation Announcement Submit your announcement online two weeks 14 days prior to the presentation.

At least 21 hours must be at the level or above, including ECEM.

Checklist for the Master’s Degree

Note that not being selected ddeadlines this program does not preclude a student from applying to the graduate program in the standard fashion during their senior year. Graduate students in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering may pursue the designated master of science in Electrical and Computer Engineering M.

Students who plan to pursue the Ph. Students are required to complete all degree requirements within 6 consecutive years and maintain a 2. For non-transfer students, the required GPA is based on a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit at Georgia Tech.

Submitting Your Thesis

To meet this requirement, a student must complete a required course from a specialization track that is different from the one in which they are enrolled. There is a recommended deadline, but initial format checks will not be done in the week dearlines up to the thesis deadline; only final submissions will be checked that week. This action must be coordinated with your committee members:

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