As part of its commitment to give back for its 30th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! The narrator reads an originally written story, but may add additional descriptions that the characters must act to make the story funnier and more entertaining. Four pairs of one Eat Bulaga! For Team Barangay , they are must then race to the numbers laid out on the streets in under a minute. During the tribute, it was revealed that Magalona coined the word ‘Dabarkads’, a popular name to the Eat Bulaga! It is a talent competition for barangay residents who can sing very well.

A second batch of thirty EBest scholars are chosen again in Aside from the main format, it also adds several challenges and twists for the picturist such as: For the first round, contestants must form a queue from the 3 sets of colors: The East Side Story. Dance groups perform the early s Filipino dance craze known as the “Metallic Gigolo,” which was popularized by the Wea Dancers.

In the jackpot round, the player is presented with a row of tablets that contains one number. Due to copyright issues regarding its franchised segment, this will not be uploaded nor live streamed on the show’s official YouTube channel. Ka-Voice ni Idolto further emphasize the voice solvign aspect of the competition. A new trend on Eat Bulaga!

Dancers perform to the s popular dance known as the “New York Strutt. The team that finishes with either the most “knockouts” or the fastest time wins the game. It is a contest for mothers and their daughters. For Team Bahaythe person must capture and upload the photo with their specific items and its hometown at the designated comment box on Eat Bulaga’s official Facebook page in just 5 minutes.


problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

The winner of the day is determined by a panel of Dabarkads judges and is sent to the weekly grand finals for the chance to win a larger cash prize. Two acts one in each category will win in the grand finals. It is a web series during the love season that can be watched exclusively on the official YouTube page of Eat Bulaga!

Dance groups perform either to the song ” Jai Ho! The winner prolem the team with the highest score.

EAT BULAGA Juan For All, All For Juan April 15 2015 FULL EPISODE PART [1/10] | 720p HD

The Bulaga Book of Pinoy Records is a segment that invites members of the public to set a record in a certain ability, such as removing bottle caps and cleaning fishes. Inthe SexBomb Girls left the show due to a dispute with its 201.

Certain questions will be provided during the show.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

The two daily competitors are given challenges per round in an attempt that one will emerge stronger than the other. Bopol, Dobol, and Tripol. The contestants are inspired by the characters from the enchanted world of Engkantasya, the setting of the Enteng Kabisote franchise.

Each box represents a particular numerical place value ; the leftmost box represents the millions place, while the rightmost box represents the ones place. Each candidate will go through a series of challenges and questions to test the compatibility with the bachelor.

List of Eat Bulaga! segments – Wikipedia

Little Miss Urduja is a singing contest for female children who can sing as good as the female protagonist from Urdujaa animated film about the legendary warrior princess of Pangasinan named Urduja. On August 18,Eat Bulaga! The winner can pick a television host who will then spin a giant roulette-style soving mechanism containing cash amounts ranging from 10, pesos to 50, pesos.


In the jackpot round, the player automatically receives a base cash prize of 50, pesos. There probldm be two contestants for each episode.

Beautiful Girl is a beauty pageant in search of the most beautiful lady in the competition. One notable contestant who joined the contest was Mitoy Yonting who, a few years after joining the Rockstar 2 Bakit? Participants must take a selfie in any All Day branches. The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Bad ” by American singer Michael Jackson after its release in Kaserola ng Kayamanan is one of the first segments of Eat Bulaga during its debut in The contestants are given five seconds to give a response for each clue given.

It is a reality web series that can be watched exclusively on Eat Bulaga! Four players are paired to compete slving the three-round segment.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

For this round, the daily winners showcased their talents, where 2 competitors, from each cluster, were chosen to represent their respective clusters to the next round:

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