This review was posted on November 05, Greg Anderson Carson is easy to pick on. The exam was also marked very harshly. Very interesting and eye opening content, but would not recommend if you are not very interested in politics itself. There are copies in the General Library, including copies available on short loan.

My tutor Paul was superb and adapted well to awkward silences. I found the lectures to be incredibly boring. The list of examples and questions, along with further advice, will be circulated as early as possible. The test will be held at the normal lecture time and place. Pretty much, you had to write an essay that agreed with the markers opinion.

I had Hannah as my tutor who was friendly and helpful and her tutorials were great! As said in the other reviews, application of the political theories is not taught well.

Political Science

The content has so much potential yet she fails to deliver. Really just so much content, pushing leftist views to the max. Very limited ;olitics available.

politics coursework guide uoa

Worst Paper I have ever taken. Please ensure you can use the system and that your email address is current. She did ask us for news items, which, credit where it’s due, was a good way to engage us, but I wanted more engagement.

For current students

While I disagree with guidee politics, I hold no grievances against folks who vote right-wing because say… they wanna keep taxes and regulations to a minimum. Lecture Quality 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars.


Hopefully they have replaced her. They are dull, rushed, many theories were not explained clearly, and only in one way, and there was a definite sway toward a ‘correct’ view for the answers and lens’ within the course. You are also strongly encouraged to get to know the news media, by reading and watching widely, taking in both New Zealand and international media, online and offline, including newspapers, television, radio, and other sources of news, journalism and political commentary.

Bad paper, felt very SJWish to me. I’m not the type of person who would normally hate on uni courses, and I wish I could say more nice things about the course, but unfortunately As for the attacks from some students about bias, this is a bloody university, if you don’t agree with her, fine, that’s your right, you can advocate other views, although I agree the Panama Papers has NOTHING to do with feminism I was expecting content to include how some nations conduct politics as well as theory and issues facing the world, but expected wrong.

politics coursework guide uoa

No one wants to give an oral report each week or let alone politifs to them. As a politics major, I had high hopes, but was very disappointed. The list of examples and questions, along with further advice, will be circulated as early as possible.

POLITICS – reviews

This review was posted on September 26, NO point attending lectures as she just reads off the slides The lecturer even said, “if yuide are, yua know, bad, they’ll vote national The course is taught through 24 lecture hours and 11 weekly tutorials. Academic What is History? Would not recommend unless you are already immersed in Politics and the goings on of the world.


An Introduction to International Relations’ fifth edition by Baylis, Smith and Owens because it covers much of the same content but in a much more comprehensible way. It amazes me that all the things that are bad about this course were pointed out by students years ago, and nothing has been changed Lets start off with Dr Stephen Hoadley She speaks at a very good pace. Do not be mislead course content is not as interesting as the course description lead one to believe. Really wish I had read all these comments before leaping to my death.

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My tutor Paul was superb courseworm adapted well to awkward silences. This review was posted on November 14, Plussage does not apply in this course. Overall, you’ll learn really useful things as long as you put the work in.

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