Bompiani, ; Lesina, Roberto. Grainne De Burca and Prof. Lupo , in European Constitutional Law Review, issue 1, , pp. Cozzoli, con prefazione di G. Gustavo Piga Tor Vergata, dept. Considering the academic importance of the co-supervisor, all students are asked to get in touch with their designated professor when they begin drafting their theses and to continually update them as their work progresses.

It is not necessary to submit any documentation to the Student Office. Students cannot request or express any preferences regarding the appointment of the supervisor. Footnotes are at the bottom of the page and use a smaller font than the rest of the text. Students cannot request or express any preferences regarding the date of the thesis defense, nor can they change the date once the session calendar has been published. Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide. For all information, or if you need any assistance, please contact: University of Parma, dept.

The number of copies are as follows: Special focus on the Govenrment normative powers luixs on the national implementation of the EU law. How do I get started? Noel Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate. If the Library does not have the periodical you are looking for, you can: Objectives The objectives of a paper such as the thesis are as follows: Judicial remedies in political campaign.

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Each of these is cited in a different way: Fabio Schiantarelli Boston College, dept. The bibliography lists and orders works consulted during the writing of the paper and the citations contained within it, and it contains the information needed to identify and find these documents.

luiss phd thesis

The table of contents indicates the titles and page numbers at the beginning of the sections that make up the text of the thesis chapters, sections, subsections, bibliography, etc. The introduction The introduction, which is written after drafting the rest of the thesis, explains the choice of topic, the hypotheses that the candidate intends to prove and the tools used.

All candidates, relatives and friends are asked to heed the following suggestions: Rome Italy June 8, Address: Lupo, Il Mulino, Summer Schools for secondary school students Summer Thess for university students x.

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The title page is the first page of the thesis and it contains essential information about the thesis, such as:. How do I find a book? Student Office Bachelor’s degree programs Master’s degree programs Registering prior to receiving a bachelor’s degree and Enrollment Registration for the second year and subsequent years Tuition fee amounts and deadlines Compiling a study plan Requesting and issuing official documents Taking official exams Provisional registration Assignment of thesis title and degree exams Useful information Shortening of programs Changing degree programs Transferring to another university Leaves of absence Termination of studies Forms Single-cycle master’s degree program in Law Four-year degree programs Graduate Office Academic calendar.


All candidates, relatives and friends are asked to heed the following suggestions:. Distinguishing different types of documents is essential: Help Center Find new research papers in: Associazione italiana biblioteche, In print Eco, Umberto.

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Summer Schools for secondary school students Summer Schools for university students x. Preliminary stages Once the thesis topic has been agreed on and the stages of writing the thesis have been established with the supervisor, the candidate should follow several tthesis steps prior to drafting the paper: Bompiani, ; Lesina, Roberto.

Footnotes Footnotes can be used for various purposes: These general rules are designed to ensure that candidates are able to defend their theses without any unnecessary distractions or stress.

luiss phd thesis

Pitruzzella, Jovene, Napoli,pp. CozzoliCompetition policies in Italy, in Sviluppo e innovazione.

The number of copies are as follows:.

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