Many times we received that extra bit, and our hearts would overflow with gratitude. Sometime last year, I spontaneously treated a homeless woman to something she really wanted — ice-cream. It is our one year marriage anniversary today. With each act of giving, we create a silent affinity with those who receive our offerings. Yet, he saw it all as a gift.

Maybe nothing was going to happen that night, but after that experience, I knew it in my bones that love is a stronger force than fear. In working this way, we’ve learned that an ecosystem is always greater than the sum of its parts. Becoming a Blessing 3, reads Apr Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking. What have you learned from this practice? What a profound question.

Embrace the Grace: A Graduation Speech, by Nipun Mehta, by Nipun Mehta

On the way to my hour-long drive to the interview, it so happened that my car engine, in the middle of the freeway, just died. Trending DailyGoods May 8: In doing so, he was choosing nipyn manifest his insights in a way that everyday people could relate to.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

Higher speeds smudge our peripheral vision, whereas walking actually broadens your canvas and dramatically shifts the objects of your attention. A man who hasn’t worked for pay in nearly a decade, and whose self-stated mission is simply “to bring smiles to the world and stillness to my heart”. I was in the jail cell before you, and I cleaned it for you. In the prison, when they shackled him he up, he looks to the woman doing her job, and says, “Sister, you’re too beautiful to be doing this work.


Their gift lies in being completely natural. In the glitz and glam of our endless desires, we have graduaton the hands-head-heart embodiment of these values. Few years ago, I remember my aunt telling me a story of an accident she was in, on highway That clarity, paradoxically enough, blurred our nupun distinctions between me versus we, inner transformation versus external impact, and selfishness versus selflessness.

Quote Bulletin I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep. I see ninety percent, perhaps even more, of life as a result of inexplicable grace. So, when you give externally, you receive internally.

Embrace the Grace: A Graduation Speech, by Nipun Mehta

One time, incidentally when we ran into him on the streets of Assisi, we engaged in a deep conversation over dinner. Around the time of WW2, he speedh sitting under a tree one day when, in a flash, he had a realization that everything produced by the mind is inherently false.

And no matter what happens, please keep singing — and reminding the world of its song. Typically, that potential is never realized, because graduatikn and agendas impose artificial constraints on the field.


But what Brother David is pointing us to, is a far deeper wisdom. The flute offers us a melody, precisely because it is hollow.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

It’s a futile exercise to track who is getting what. Nipun is the founder of ServiceSpace.

Miserable & Magical: A Graduation Speech for Paradoxical Times

The keys to deep-rooted and sustainable happiness — have, and always will lie, within ourselves. How do the two compare? Instead of avoiding eye contact, I looked him straight in the eye. Yet, he saw it all as a gift. So, in four days there, he had four oranges.

Paths Are Made By Walking, by Nipun Mehta

Just a few months ago, we held a retreat with people who were differently-abled. A Graduation Speech, by Nipun Mehta.

Bby no one knew this better than a small-scale Japanese farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka. All of a sudden, I felt like an instrument. I stepped inside eagerly. This is a transcript of the Baccalaureate address to UPenn’s graduating class ofdelivered by Nipun Mehta. Yet, walking with intention has deep roots.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

I want to urge you, not to fly, but to — walk.

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