This did not materialise for , and so the intake number fell back to It would appear that Turner Schools has the clout to attract largesse out of all proportion to performance, ahead of so many worthy and financally struggling establishments without such influence. We are building better and stronger relationship with local employers and working hard to make sure that what we offer dovetails with what employers are looking for. The school has been bedevilled by a very high staff turnover for years a strong indicator of poor leadership , the high turnover of headteachers under Reach2 losing five in five years, also being reported here. The Report also looks forward to ways of reducing the numbers of those Home Educated, apart from families who freely choose to and are capable of providing a good alternative. See all Kent Travel News.

The headteacher lied at the exclusion meeting with governors and at the exclusion appeal, as admitted to me some years later by the school’s Chairman of governors who had supported him ‘for the sake of the school’. Even with the growth in the town, the pupil intake will cause enormous damage to the numbers going to Cornwallis and NLL. Once again the Panel is not able to assess the quality of such a letter, or whether it is unaided or helped by the parent or some other third party there is a current parallel with university admissions where applicants have been accused of cheating if they seek help in writing their personal statement- although such a statement is objectively worthless, as there is no mechanism to detect it and in any case why shouldn’t someone seek help with a difficult task. Folkestone Academy, considerably larger than the other three Trust schools put together, has now had four Principals since Turner Schools took responsibility just two years ago. Come and see for yourselves, and make your minds up — we love visitors! This is one of the areas where I am approached most often by parents seeking advice on what to do about poor primary provision, although it is usually very difficult to help in such cases. This is because of the different structure of primary and secondary education with secondary schools in a Local Authority , where the majority of EHEs tend to come from, may be four times the size of primary schools.

I have had lots of classes with lots of homework. Then there is the possibility of a Kent grammar coming in to provide. There is no mention at all of the other three schools in the Trust, and the initial question is acadeym for start to finish. Three other schools had also seen a fall in Ofsted level, all to Good after losing their Outstanding classification since the rule that excluded such petittion from re-assessment was rightly relaxed.


Mr Averre Beeson is quoted in the TES some years ago, as being in favour of ‘run for profit’ schools.

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The number of Kent grammar school places available for Year 7 pupils has risen by just 20 overall since last year, towith a total increase of over the past five years. One problem Acadmey have is that KCC has introduced a new set of rules for data publication that redacts information relating to small numbers, although I consider there is no danger that individuals can be identified, as is claimed.

I have now come across a subsequent objection partially upheld by the Schools Adjudicator in January Skinners Kent Academy is the only secular school in the town, a situation unique in Kent and even after its increase in numbers it will have turned first choices away.

One could almost feel that, like Maidstone Grammar it is trying to undermine its competitor. Its website has now been taken over by the Trevor Beeson site, with much of the honework outdated information and news, together with linked email addresses.

As a result, for the first time in many years, I have had no enquiries from such families. There were first choices, of which were offered places, those being unsuccessful were probably out of county. No subsequent accounts were lodged. As a result, the pressure on places at these two schools continues to rise inexorably along with the two Wilmington grammars, led by Dartford Grammar School with a record grammar qualified first choices for its places, up from in I can find nowhere any acknowledgement by KCC or LSSAT of their failures to show due care for the children under their care, who are always the victims of petitionn abuse of power.

All three have high rates of EHE and, along with Folkestone Academy, these schools operate zero tolerance policies, most have high rates of fixed term exclusions, falling rolls across years 10 and 11, poor GCSE performance, and pupils placed in PRUs.

Please note the official Christmas Jumper Homework is Friday 15th December, however we are academy ours on Tuesday 19th Folkestone to run alongside our annual Christmas Lunch. I shall be publishing further details of oversubscription and vacancies shortly.


The new Consultant Executive Principal, Jason Feldwick, does not appear to have lasted long since his part-time appointment in September, and Vice Principal Val Reddecliffe, billed to appear in September in the end of term newsletterdid not arrive. This was the second occasion we sparred, although we were both very concerned about the pressure on places, with six of Kent’s 12 districts having no vacancies in any school and a further places being added somehow at schools across the county, to hoomework off the pressure of place.

Folkestone Academy homework debate goes on as school consults over new policy

In spite of intentions of goodwill, it was agreed there hoework little sign of action so far, none as far as I can see in Kent. Many non-selective schools lose numbers before September, some through successful grammar school appeals. I explore the issues in more detail hereincluding a look at my assessment of the appeal situation.

folkestone academy homework petition

Martin defends Game of Thrones writers and says they ‘only had eight hours’ to wrap up saga as petition to remake finale hits 1. Navigation Kent Travel News.

ACT – The Association of Christian Teachers

Pages Liked by This Page. Surely the introduction to Turner Schools should be homewrok those schools, not just one person! Browsing the Latest Snapshot. Most watched News videos Horrifying moment banned driver runs over six-year-old girl US soldier surprises daughter at her high school graduation CCTV shows woman in Cheshire stealing cash from kid’s wallet Shocking moment teacher appears to petiition epileptic student Huawei P30 Pro users demonstrates the 50X superzoom What a day for a garden party!

Otherwise, they need to be dealt with directly by the Department for Education.

Yet another example of what I have previously called Medway Madness. Contrast this with the nurturing approach developing skills in new teachers, which brings the best outcomes in good schools and keeps losses to the profession to a minimum. There is no explanation how this is to be achieved, and the idea of expanding an existing school by 6 FE, is mind boggling.

folkestone academy homework petition

For those outside the tight local area it is up from

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