Retrieved 20 July Driving down from Mumbai to Ganpatipule is a great option. How To Reach Ganpatipule Travelling to Ganpatipule is fairly easy for a person visiting this place for the first time. In addition to its clean beach and clear waters, Ganapatipule is rich in flora, including mangroves and coconut palms. The nearest college is at Malgund. A few ganpatipule down, we took an adventurous detour into a small road to discover the isolated and stunning Vetye Beach, with ganpatipule gentle, uninhabited creek. You will drive by kilometres of white sandy beaches lined with casuarina groves.

Reviewed 4 June Getting to Ganpatipule is not a bother at all. There is no railway station at Ganapatipule. We reached ganpatipule busy coastal town after having logged km. Ganpatipule is easily accessible by road through public buses, private cars and hired vehicles as well. The idol of ‘mooshak’ made out of copper is placed outside the temple.

This region has a long illustrious past and is even mentioned in Indian mythology. Reviewed 2 May Ganesha’s Blessings are with all of us!!!!!!

I ganpatipule that if we traveled in the opposite see more we essay have witnessed India becoming cleaner as we go. There are also state-run and MTDC buses available that are not only economically viable but comfortable too. From here, the roads are wonderfully smooth. Ganpatipule reminds me of clean beach, blue sky and the best part — when you stand in the water you can see your feet yes, that is my way of measuring how clean the beach is.

As you move out of Ratnagiri, the stretch of road at Bhandarwadi lined with casuarina trees, will make you want to stop driving and walk through the symmetric rows of tall trees shooting into the sky. The Ganpati temple there is considered to be very pious and its believed that by worshipping ityour wishes come true. Speaking of vehicles, auto rickshaws are your main carriers there, and not easily available. The temple is at the base of a hill, and pilgrims walk around pradakshina the hill as a mark of respect.


Planning in advance is a must, if you are a liqour freak, want a budget hotel you would prefer MTDC resort, moreover its bang near the temple on the beaches, but I found it average for a stay, so if its your choice go for it.

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The reason is simple: In the evening at around 6: The God is considered to be the Paschim Dwarpalak Western Sentinel God of India[5] and those who visit Ganapatipule make it a point to pay their respects to this deity. And because of this there were hundreds or may be even thousands of migratory birds on the beach. Winter late October to mid-February is the most pleasant season, with temperatures dropping at night.

The trip to Ganpatipule

A must-do is a drive up the hills of Bhandarpule, a mere 2 kms from Ganpatipule for a spectacular view of ganpagipule shoreline and beaches from the hill top. Taxi and cab rides are available from the airport to Ganpatipule at reasonable costs.

Let me tell you the food here is awesome.

Thus by the stroke of pm we reached our home in Vashi, It was one beautiful trip I will cherish forever. Gaywadi beach near Malgund about 2. A website with complete information on Ganpatipule, from getting to Ganpatipule to choosing the best accommodation option of your taste and choice to a exhaustive list of tourist places in and around Ganapatipule we have all the information gapatipule plan a vacation in Ganapatipule.


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Ganpatipule is one of those ‘still-serene, un-spoilt’ beaches on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. Homeless Man essay we hope in Street Instead we are seeing a ganpatipue and dirtier India with each stop. The best part about this beach is that it is not much commercialised.

essay on ganpatipule

The land of good times Ganpatipule. The temple of Swayambhu self-originated Ganesh is much frequented by thousands every year. Weekend Getaways from Ganpatipule Sawantwadi However, essxy can change your cookie settings at any time. Riding on the beach is fun.

Kokam kadi is another favourite amongst the locals. View Ganpatipule Weather Forecast. So friends, if you guys have zeroed on Ganpatipule as your next haunt, let me tell you, you have chosen the BEST destination.

With the development of tourism, a number of resorts and hotels have opened in this small town, the most significant of which is gan;atipule Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation resort near the beach.

Although it was a vegetarian restaurant, the food was very tasty.

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